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The Corona Chronicles 2020 City Lore has been documenting signs from across New York sharing hope and heartfelt messages for a city on the edge. Stay strong, New York.
PAN DE MIC CHECK IN City Lore, Urban Word and Bowery Poetry are seeking lines & videos to create a collective youth response to the pandemic.  Let us know HOW YOU ARE FEELING about this new world. We are open to ANY emotion and/or state ...
Women Graffiti Writers - Charmin City Lore's Steve Zeitlin sits down with one of Graffiti's iconic writers to discuss tagging, writing, and what's really inside the Statue of Liberty.
Under The Roller Coaster - A Film by Lila Place To thousands, the Thunderbolt Roller Coaster was a Coney Island icon, but for Mae Timpano it was home. This enchanting film examines the true-life experience of one woman and her unique relationship to Coney Island living under the famed Thunderbolt ...
Dodgers Symphony The Dodgers Sym-Phony (1998, 30 minutes) presents the story of the legendary Brooklyn Dodgers Sym-Phony Band. Aptly named in 1939 by broadcaster Red Barber, who noted the group's lack of professional musicianship, the Sym-Phony Band was comprised of fans who ...

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