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A Loan - CLS Law Revue Video from Columbia's Law Revue Spring 2019 show.
I'm on a Board Columbia Law Revue Video for our Fall 2018 Show.
Parody of "I'm on a Boat" by Lonely Island.
Law School's Hard, You Guys! From our Spring 2018 show, "Robert Mueller's Day Off!"
Hello From our Fall 2017 show, "Subpoena, the Teenage Writ!"
WestLaw Story The winner of the 2017 Above the Law Video Contest! Originally appeared in an extended edition during our Fall 2016 show, Fantastic Briefs and Where to File Them.
Poor Law Students Enrolled The first of Columbia's two Above the Law 2017 Video Contest submissions!!! This video originally premiered during our Spring 2017 show, Night of the Living Constitution.
WestLaw Story EXTENDED EDITION The original, 6 minute long version of our 2017 Above the Law Video Contest winner. You can find the shortened winning version here: https://youtu.be/A3VpSxoGHKw
Originally presented in Columbia Law Revue's Fall 2016 show: Fantastic Briefs and Where to File Them
Fantastic Briefs and Where to File Them - CLS Law Revue Fall 2016 Trailer Performances will be at 8:30pm on Wednesday, November 16, Thursday, November 17, and Friday, November 18. Tickets are available online here: (http://artsinitiative.columbia.edu/events/columbia-law-revue-presents-fantastic-briefs-and-where-file-them) and will be sold starting Monday, November 7 outside JG 104 for $15 a pop! And keep in ...
Straight Through Columbia Law Revue's 2016 Above the Law Video Contest entry!
The Sound of Diamond The video for our Spring 2016 show, Show Title Vacant Pending Confirmation from the Senate.
This is not our 2016 Above the Law submission.

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