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DRVC Escuela de Discípulos Misioneros DRVC Escuela de Discípulos Misioneros es un proceso de dos años de formación personal, intelectual, espiritual y pastoral para adultos católicos.
Diocese of Rockville Centre Marriage Preparation Congratulations on your engagement! This video will briefly explain what you need to know and the steps you need to take to enter the sacrament of matrimony in the Catholic Church.
For more information visit our website www.drvc-faith.org
DRVC School of Missionary Disciples Video DRVC School of Missionary Disciples is a two year process of personal, intellectual, spiritual and pastoral formation for adult Catholics.
What to Expect When You're Expecting a Baby with Down Syndrome If you or anyone you know is expecting a baby diagnosed with Down Syndrome, there is much you should know. Here you'll find out the truth of what to expect from someone who knows first-hand. As a mother of three ...
Our Lady of Grace Day Care Our Lady of Grace Church in West Babylon has launched a wonderful new day care program for families in the community. It's not only a top quality day care program in its own right, but it's unique in its Catholic ...
National Religious Freedom Day 2014 National Religious Freedom Day is January 16, 2014, and Religious Freedom Sunday is January 12, 2014. Please spread the word and visit Catholics for Freedom of Religion at www.CatholicsForFreedomOfReligion.org.
DVD: Introduction to the Eucharist Find out what makes the sacrament of the Eucharist the "source and summit" of the Church's life, worship, and unity in "An Introduction to the Eucharist."
Join Robin G. Senior, Pastoral Formation Institute instructor, as she unpacks what it means ...
DVD: Introduction to the Bible In "An Introduction to the Bible" we discover the true meaning of the Bible as the "living and active" Word of God as Rev. Richard Henning, professor at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, answers such questions as:
How do ...
A Word on Confirmation Preparation with Bishop William Murphy Bishop William Murphy speaks to parents about the process of preparing their children for the sacrament of Confirmation in the Diocese of Rockville Centre.
DVD: Planifique su Familia Naturalmente La Planificación familiar natural (PFN) en video o DVD son difíciles de hallar. Ahora más que nunca se necesitan videos de PFN católicos; en especial para programas de Pre-Cana. Por eso nosotros hicimos un nuevo video de PFN para los ...
DVD: Baptism in the Roman Catholic Church BUY NOW: https://store-h01udxeu.mybigcommerce.com/
Join Rev. Nick Zientarski as he unpacks the true meaning of the Catholic sacrament of baptism. More than a one-time joyous celebration, baptizing your child is a commitment to a new life of faith, prayer, and service ...
DVD: Plan Your Family Naturally: An Introduction to NFP Join Natural Family Planning (NFP) educators Dr. Jennifer and Matthew DeMarco as they reveal one of the Catholic Church's best kept secrets: an effective, simple, and natural approach to family planning. This is not the old-fashioned "rhythm method"!
Today's NFP ...
DVD: When Two Become One "When Two Become One" is a must see for all couples planning to enter the sacrament of marriage in the Catholic Church.
Join nationally-known host Msgr. Lisante and four real life Catholic couples -- engaged, newlyweds, married with children, and ...

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