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Light from Darkness- Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 Our annual event to remember the Holocaust. Holocaust Education Speakers and Survivors Ruth Barnett and Joan Salter share their testimony. This is followed by a Q&A and the event ends with a candle lighting led by the Mayor of Camden.
Object Talk: Toby Biber 20.01.2021 Join us for an object talk looking at the wedding photograph of Toby Biber. Discover more about her story and the liberation of Bergen-Belsen.
Museum Mornings: Poetry Book 17.01.2021 Join our Senior Learning Manager Lisa to explore a book of poems in our collection and have a go at writing your own.
Shabbat Shalom Quiz of the Week 15.01.21 Join us for our weekly quiz and test your knowledge of married couples in the Torah and Jewish wedding traditions. Good luck!
Museum Mornings- Looking Forward 10.01.21 Join us for a Museum Mornings about all the things we are looking forward to. Write your own letter inspired by a letter in our collection that is over 75 years old!
Shabbat Shalom Quiz of the week 08.01.21 Join us for our Shabbat Shalom, Quiz of the Week! This week our quiz is all about famous firsts- from firsts in the Torah to firsts in Jewish History. Good luck!
Object Talk- 43 Group Join us for an object talk led by our volunteer Maryam. Explore the history of the 43 Group through a pamphlet in our collection.

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