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Mona Polacca + Marina Abramović: Rites and Rituals Our world is shaped by ritual. Hopi/Havasupai/Tewa Grandmother Mona Polacca meets with the “grandmother of performance art” Marina Abramović to talk about the essential role that ritual, repetition, and durational experiences play in reminding of us of our relationships to ...
WEN STEPHENSON + ROY SCRANTON: WE ARE DOOMED. WHAT WOULD BUDDHA DO? If we are doomed no matter what, do our decisions matter? In this program, two self-proclaimed “bad Buddhists” try to answer the question of how to lose less badly and live ethically in the no-win situation of catastrophic climate change.
Padmasambhava Seminar Concluding Discussion Tibetans have celebrated Padmasambhava, the Lotus Born, as the Second Buddha from his legendary era in the past to the present day. The continuous retelling of Padmasambhava’s stories, reenactments of his deeds in rituals, and depictions of those acts in ...
Session 4: Padmasambhava and Ritual in Contemporary Practice Presented by Nicolas Sihlé.
Discussants: Mona Schrempf and Liu Kuo-Wei.
Facilitator: Elena Pakhoutova
As the Tibetan Buddhist traditions continue to spread beyond the Himalayas and Tibetan regions to mainland China, Taiwan, and around the world, Padmasambhava’s mastery of tantric ritual ...
Session 3: Padmasambhava and the Treasure Tradition Presented by David Germano
Discussants: Jue Liang and Janet Gyatso
Facilitator: Elena Pakhoutova
Padmasambhava’s teachings are primarily preserved in texts classified as treasures (terma). This unique tradition asserts that he concealed his teachings, both in the physical landscape and in ...

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