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THE HAPPY SHOW HOLIDAY SPECIAL HOUR Join Matt and Happy the Puppet and the rest of the gang for "The Happy Show Holiday Special Hour"! Celebrate the Christmas season with this blast from the past, collecting the best of the show's holiday silliness! YAYY!!!
#1_ON_TRENDING #Christmas ...
Idlechatter - This Song Is Two Weeks Late (2006/2007, Marvel Comics Christmas) THIS SONG IS 2 WEEKS LATE
Words and Music Joe Quesada, 2007
and The Merry Marvel Marching Society
I've been trying to find the words to express my remorse
'cause I work here at Marvel, so it's par for the ...
Idlechatter - ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS (2005, Marvel Comics song) All I Want for Christmas
by Idlechatter
Author: Joe Quesada, 2005
You belong
You belong
You belong
Come along
With the Merry Marvel marching Society
You belong
You belong
You belong
Sing Along
With the Merry Marvel Marching Society
We're ...
Idlechatter - ALTERNATE COVER (2004 Marvel Christmas song) “Alternate Cover”
Words and music Joe Quesada, 2004
performed and produced by Idlechatter
It’s Christmas time baby
And I sure do love you
I hope you remember
That there was only one thing I need for Christmas
Here’s a holiday ...
Words and music by Joe Quesada, 2003
Mistletoe and sugarplums
Candy canes, I don't want none
Just need my X-Men by my side.
Mother says, "Look Santa's here!"
But I know who's behind that ...
Idechatter - Marvel Comics For Christmas (2002) MARVEL COMICS FOR CHRISTMAS
Words and music Joe Quesada, 2002
It wasn't long ago at the ol' North pole
The Elves got together so the story is told
They called a Union Rep on Christmas night
Sorry Mr. Santa but ...
THE HAPPY SHOW HOUR of FUN! Episode 1, 2019 Come along and take a peek at THE HAPPY SHOW HOUR of FUN! Featuring a mix of classic crazy comedy from the original "Happy Show," as well as the occasional newer segment.
#1_ON_TRENDING #thehappyshow #batman #puppets #satire #parody
COMICS UNLIMITED Evansville at Diamond Flea Market Evansville, Indiana's COMICS UNLIMITED is located inside the left building to the DIAMOND FLEA MARKET at 1250 E Diamond Avenue, Evansville, Indiana. OPEN every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from 9 to 5, both days!
#1_ON_TRENDING #comic #comics #comicbook ...
FRANKENQUEEN: Son of Frankenstein vs Flash Gordon's Ming's Theme I'm a fan of "Son of Frankenstein,=" (1939), "Flash Gordon" (the comic strip and the 1980 film), and of QUEEN. This comparison is not meant to knock Queen in any way, but I noticed when I last watched "Son of ...
THE STAN FREBERG SHOW: Face The Funnies, parts 1 & 2 (1957) From THE STAN FREBERG SHOW radio program (1957), "Face The Funnies" starring Stan Freberg, June Foray, Daws Butler, and Peter Leeds in a two-part humorous skit involving a panel of experts on comic strips.
THE CRUSADERS in "THE BROKEN CROSS" This is an original adaptation of the infamous Crusaders Comics story "The Broken Cross" originally published in 1974 by Chick Publications.
Young girls and innocent animals are being kidnapped by practitioners of the black arts, and a small town may ...
Ryan Reynolds recites the GREEN LANTERN oath for youngster at Comic Con 2010! It was hard to find a decent complete video where a young Green Lantern fan asked actor Ryan Reynolds about how he felt saying the oath that the DC comic book superhero recites while charging his power battery that gives ...
Green Cross Code Mash-Up Parody A sort of parody mash-up of several Green Cross Code public service announcements from the UK in the 1970's. Yayy!!!
This special edit by Matt Hawes, with music by Al Chantrey.

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