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FRANKENQUEEN: Son of Frankenstein vs Flash Gordon's Ming's Theme I'm a fan of "Son of Frankenstein,=" (1939), "Flash Gordon" (the comic strip and the 1980 film), and of QUEEN. This comparison is not meant to knock Queen in any way, but I noticed when I last watched "Son of ...
THE STAN FREBERG SHOW: Face The Funnies, parts 1 & 2 (1957) From THE STAN FREBERG SHOW radio program (1957), "Face The Funnies" starring Stan Freberg, June Foray, Daws Butler, and Peter Leeds in a two-part humorous skit involving a panel of experts on comic strips.
THE CRUSADERS in "THE BROKEN CROSS" This is an original adaptation of the infamous Crusaders Comics story "The Broken Cross" originally published in 1974 by Chick Publications.
Young girls and innocent animals are being kidnapped by practitioners of the black arts, and a small town may ...
Ryan Reynolds recites the GREEN LANTERN oath for youngster at Comic Con 2010! It was hard to find a decent complete video where a young Green Lantern fan asked actor Ryan Reynolds about how he felt saying the oath that the DC comic book superhero recites while charging his power battery that gives ...
Green Cross Code Mash-Up Parody A sort of parody mash-up of several Green Cross Code public service announcements from the UK in the 1970's. Yayy!!!
This special edit by Matt Hawes, with music by Al Chantrey.
PUNCH and JUDY (Public Domain) A special edit of "Santa Claus Punch and Judy" from 1948. This short film is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and can be seen on archive.org in its entirety.
Matthew Hawes
THE HAPPY SHOW Presents CELEBRITY DADDY of the CENTURY! Who will you choose as the celebrity daddy of the century?
Written, edited, and directed by Matthew Hawes
Voice-over and contributing to the script: Al Chantrey
Artie Barnes Answering? Matt talks about the uniquely different purveyors of novelty rock, BARNES & BARNES! Also, Jack calls somebody who may or may not be the real Artie Barnes himself, Robert Haimer.
Check out the latest CD from Barnes & Barnes at ...
Spoofing SPOCK's Brain! A good-natured spoof of the most beloved ever episode from the original "Star Trek" series!
Matthew Hawes

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