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World Youth Alliance 2018 would not have been a successful year for WYA without you! With your help, we continue to reach young people with our central mission: to promote the dignity of the human person. To all our members, alumni, and friends, ...
World Youth Alliance Africa BBQ It’s been an amazing 2018 thanks to all our members, friends, partners, and support network, without whom we would not have many great success stories to talk about. We are, for this reason, excited to close the year together in ...
WYA's Human Dignity Curriculum Shines at the UN General Assembly Happy Monday indeed! Watch as WYA President Lord Leomer Pomperada talks about WYA's work in helping teach the dignity of the human person to 1 million young people worldwide. Learn more about the Human Dignity Curriculum here: wya.net/hdc
Award Winner says WYA Changed Everything She was the Director of WYA Europe. Watch our 2018 Award Winner describe how WYA changed everything.
HDC Teachers at Brilla Bring the Human Dignity Curriculum to your school! Visit http://bit.ly/wya_hdc for more information.
World Youth Alliance: Our 2017 Story Visit www.wya.net to learn more about what WYA is about. Get involved with us!
Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music
Human Dignity Curriculum We are so excited to share with you this video on the Human Dignity Curriculum with students from Brilla College Prep Charter School!
Give the gift of the HDC (Human Dignity Curriculum) to someone you love this season. Available for ...
Join the Africa Emerging Leaders Conference 2017 The Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is an annual program activity that brings together young people from across Africa to interact with leaders and policy makers on current global issues. The 2017 Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is the eighth ...
International Youth Day 2017: Youth Building Peace Animated Video created using Animaker - https://www.animaker.com International Youth Day 2017 Celebration
International Summer Camp 2017 Enjoy WYA's snapshots from the 2017 International Summer Camp! At ISC, you can meet fellow campers from all over the world and exchange ideas about human dignity, solidarity, culture and so much more!
Visit www.wya.net/isc for more information and to ...
#AMomentintheLife - WYA North America Interested in joining the North America internship in New York?
Apply now: www.wya.net/internships
World Youth Alliance FSHST Poem written by Fatma Zainine.
for more information please join us :
Facebook Page :
WYA-Fshst 9 Avril
2017 Kathryn Hoomkwap Awardee: Olivia Raw For WYA's 18th birthday ball, we are honoring Olivia Raw for all the work that she has done to defend human dignity. Interested to attend the ball? Visit www.wya.net/wya18 to buy tickets and join us for the celebrations at the ...
WYA Milestones for 2016 WYA has achieved many goals for this year and couldn't have done it without the help of our members, alumni and friends. WYA would like to thank everyone's continued support and look forward to 2017.
Surrogacy Photo by faustlawmarketing ...
Join WYA - Filipino Sign Language Our President, Lord Pomperada, invites the Deaf Community to join the World Youth Alliance.
Hello! My name is Lord, President of the World Youth Alliance or WYA.
I’d like to invite you to become a WYA member also known as ...
International Summer Camp 2016 We're pleased to present a recap of the 2016 WYA ISC! Interested in joining next year's camp?
Visit www.wya.net/summercamp in January 2017 to apply.
Up Close with Anna Halpine Thank you to the Voice of the Vatican and Shalom WorldTV for the interview.
Anna Halpine is the founder of ​the ​World Youth Alliance, promoting the dignity of the human person through advocacy, education and culture. Become a WYA Member ...
10 Ways To Get Involved with WYA WYA Members! Here's how you can get more involved with WYA!
Not yet a member? Read, agree and sign our charter at www.wya.net/charter or www.wya.net/becomeamember
ADVOCACY at WYA Learn more about how you can engage in WYA's Advocacy Programs.
The Human Dignity Curriculum The Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) is a comprehensive K-12 character development & sexual education curriculum designed for implementation in public and private schools and other educational settings.
Students understand themselves as beings with intrinsic dignity; the differences between plants, animals ...
World Youth Alliance- European Arts Forum 2016 WYAE proudly presents an intro video for the 2nd WYA European Arts Forum, which will be held in Brussels, Belgium from the June 25-27, 2016. Get involved and join us for an exceptional experience around art and education!
Apply here: ...
WYA's 17th Birthday Ball | March 12, 2016 Thank you for celebrating our 17th Birthday with us and making it very special.
WYA ISF 2016 WYA recently concluded its 2016 International Solidarity Forum with the theme "Population and the Environment."
The theme for ISF 2017 is "Migration and Development," and will take place at the WYA and the United Nations Headquarters in New York from ...
WYANA goes to March for Life 2016 WYA North America attended the March for Life 2016. If you wish to be part of our activities, send us an email at northamerica@wya.net.
International Summer Camp 2016 Join us for the 2016 International Summer Camp! You can meet fellow campers from all over the world and get to exchange ideas about human dignity, solidarity, culture and so much more! Visit www.wya.net/summercamp for more information

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