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AGM 25/35 Anniversary Gala Highlights On November 10, 2017, Abounding Grace Ministries gathered at Giando on the Water in Brooklyn, NY, to celebrate 25 years as a local church and 35 years of ministry in NYC.
The Rev. Dr. A.R. Bernard was the event's keynote ...
AGM Values - Promo Abounding Grace Church & Ministries exist to transform individuals and communities with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.
We execute that mission consistent with four core values:
Faith: Keeping Christ central in every aspect of life
Family: Finding identity and ...
"Live Like That" - Photo Slideshow (2014) "Live Like That" - Photo Slideshow
Abounding Grace Ministries and Lily of the Valley
Tijuana, Mexico (2014)
Abounding Grace Ministries 2013 Slideshow (Re-edit) Some highlights of the year of ministry at AGM in 2013.
Photos courtesy of:
Jeremy Del Rio http://www.jeremydelrio.com
Christian F. Monzón http://www.cfmonzon.com
Pastor Louis Carlo, Face to Grace, Sounds of Grace EP http://bit.ly/1dO3mes
The Anthem, Planetshakers

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