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Rasika Shekar: Out of the Woods Women's Music Festival: Brooklyn Raga Massive, 3.8.18 Born in Dubai and raised in the US, Rasika Shekar's global footprint is evident in her sound. A listener with one ear in New York City and the other in India might notice intonations of street-driven Jazz and blues phrases ...
BRM February 2018 Teaser BRM moves to Jalopy Theatre this month for its weekly concert series and raga jam session!
Feb. 8: Karavika @ Jalopy Theatre
Feb 9: Outside (In)dia @ Lincoln Center Atrium
Feb 15: Unstruck Sound @ Jalopy Theatre
Feb. 16: A ...
Womens Raga Massive - EPK (Live at Joe's Pub) Video Credits: Vishesh Sharma, Max ZT
Editing: Emma Zbiral-Teller
Location: Joe's Pub, NYC

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