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Leapfrogging Energy Solutions Through IoT in Cambodia Technological leapfrogging has led to a highly sophisticated renewable energy revolution in Cambodia. Off-grid families connected to pilot grids by the solar power startup Okra are powering basic appliances such as lights, phone chargers, fans, TV’s, and water pumps. These ...
Why Offline Technologies Provide Better Solutions for Global Education Internet access is recognized as a human right, but unfortunately around half the world still lacks Internet connectivity. An even greater challenge, however, is the fact that around 90% of schools across the developing world lack Internet access, and many ...
Strategies to Build a More Gender-Equal Tech Sector The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognizes that the spread of information and communication technology (ICT) can accelerate human progress. To achieve this potential, however, we must remove barriers to gender equality. Women need equal opportunities to access ICT, to ...
Takachar: Small-scale portable system for biomass processing | ASME iShow USA 2019 “Small-scale, portable system for biomass processing” (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) is a decentralized biomass conversion that cuts crop and forest waste transportation costs by 30%, brings additional sources of income to rural areas, and eliminates air pollution and CO2 emissions ...
Noble Thermodynamic Systems: Argon Power Cycle | ASME iShow USA 2019 “Argon Power Cycle” (Berkeley, Calif., USA) is a zero-emissions, flexible, and efficient power generation system that retrofits onto currently operating internal combustion engines while increasing their efficiency up to 10% and capturing 100% of the generated carbon dioxide.
NeMO Assessment System | ASME iShow USA 2019 “NeMo Assessment System” (Baltimore, Md., USA) –aids in the identification of seven signs of neonatal illness and empowers mothers in low-resource settings to accurately and frequently assess newborn health from home during the first week of life.
Kukua Labs: Kukua low-powered egg incubator | ASME iShow USA 2019 "Kukua” (San Francisco, Calif., USA) is an affordable,clean energy, at-home artificial chicken egg incubation appliance that reduces volatility for the roughly 70% of families in Tanzania who raise chickens for supplemental income and nutrition.
Fabrico Technology: Aedna | ASME iShow USA 2019 “Aedna” (Austin, Texas, USA) is a versatile, affordable, and convenient molecular assay platform for genetic analysis of organic matter, providing critical information to a variety of facilities, from water treatment plants to household
Caminos de Agua: Aguadapt (English) | ASME iShow USA 2019 “Aguadapt” (San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico) is a low-cost, family-sized drinking water filter system that removes organic chemicals and 99.9999% of pathogens,and can be quickly installed in all common containers to provide safe drinking water for at least three ...

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