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Floating Point Waves CONCEIVED & DESIGNED BY
Ximena Garnica & Shige Moriya
Choreographed & Performed by Ximena Garnica
Video-Lighting Design by Shige Moriya
Lighting Design by Solomon Weisbard
Sound Composition by Jeremy D. Slater
April 6*-8, 10-14
8:30 PM
$20 Tix
*$25 Benefit ...
CULTUREMART 2012: other stories other stories is a collection of interwoven movement events that highlight the friction between stories. When we are confronted, particularly within an intimate relationship, with a story that diverges from ours, how do we deal with that friction against our ...
CULTUREMART 2012 Scarlet Ibis Interview When Doodle was born, no one expected him to live. But he did. He can't walk, so his older brother has to lug him around in a wheelbarrow. One day, a scarlet ibis appears in the "bleeding tree" behind the ...
CULTUREMART 2012: Science Fair Science Fair is an opera singer's love-song to the scientific worldview and the scientists who practice and promote it. Conceived and performed by mezzo-soprano Hai-Ting Chinn, Science Fair consists of actual scientific texts turned into art-songs by various new-music composers. ...
CULTUREMART 2012: A MARRIAGE: 1 A man and his husband sit in a motel room watching Fox News for 24 consecutive hours, repeating the newscast into clear plastic bags, creating a mountain of captured breath that ultimately engulfs the couple; the two walk into the ...
CULTUREMART 2012: PARTS ARE EXTRA Peter Norrman & HARP alumna Christina Campanella (the sound-video team behind Latitude 14's Red Fly/Blue Bottle and Tinder) perform live music in concert with short, experimental films taken from their 12-part seriesParts Are Extra, an art platform with which to ...
CULTUREMART 2012: WEIGHTS AND BALANCES Forces are at play-- a constellation of sound-makers, stories, and poetic observations trace common laws of physics, cause and effect, and the zeitgeist of an ever-changing world; illuminating how the world may be held together by invisible knots.
Weights and ...
CULTUREMART 2012: THE STRANGEST Midway through Camus's classic "The Stranger," an unnamed Arab is killed. Leaping from this moment and working backwards through possible histories of tangled romance, ethnic conflict and random violence, Betty Shamieh has crafted a new play inspired by this unknown ...
CULTUREMART 2012: EPYLLION Carnal and spiritual collide in this search for what nourishes the infinite possibilities of our hearts' desires. In the world premiere of Epyllion, the story we are becoming unfolds through puppetry, movement, and song, developing new rituals that tap into ...
CULTUREMART 2012: YOU ARE DEAD. YOU ARE HERE. You Are Dead. You Are Here. is an interactive-media theatre work inspired by the convergence of video-game environments, virtual technologies and military research. It incorporates animated landscapes projected from "Virtual Iraq", a virtual-reality program used in veterans' P.T.S.D. therapy. You ...
CULTUREMART 2012: CITY COUNCIL MEETING Come to the theatre and make a choice about whether and how to participate. Please base all judgments on empathy and listening; we may ask you to voice someone you're not. City Council Meeting is performed participatory democracy, combining text ...
CULTUREMART 2012: BOTCH Botch is a hyper-administrated performance system made of bodies and voices. Multi-tasking with microphones, loudspeakers, paper, and charcoal, an agile ensemble of performers play with and against a matrix of procedures drawn from the field of corporate "performance management". Someone ...
Braquage Trailer Dec. 16-18!
More information - here.org/show/stickup
Presented by HERE's Dream Music Puppetry Program, Braquage (Stick Up!) is based on a true story told by godfather to godson and has all the best elements of a classic heist -- from scaling ...
Chimera Trailer Jan 5-28 at HERE
Welcome to the world of Jennifer Samuels, who has just discovered that she is her own twin. A high-tech, emotionally arresting new play inspired by a real-life horror story, Chimera embarks on a journey from the ...
HERE Presents WOODEN (Laura Peterson Choreography).mp4 A behind the scenes interview with Laura Peterson and the cast of WOODEN.
Wooden Repeat-1.mp4 Wooden
Laura Peterson Choreography
Nov 4-6, 8-12 at 8:30.
Performed by Laura Peterson, Kate Martel, Edward Rice, and Janna Diamond.
Guest Soloists: Shannon Gillen, Asimina Chremos, Luke Gutsgell and Meredith Fages.
Buy tickets at here.org
This video was created by ...
Phantom Limb's The Fortune Teller A Dream Music Puppetry Program presentation.
Back by Popular Demand!
Tombstone Nick Brooke / The Cabinet, BORDER TOWNS
Ocean Grove Nick Brooke / The Cabinet
Border Towns
Watch the SOUNDING cast in 30 Seconds! The cast of SOUNDING discuss their roles and their relationship to the character of Leda.
Okwui Okpokwasili on Sounding Okwui Okpowasili* talks about her role as Leda in Sounding.
Phil Soltanoff's "LA Party" As Part of the Under the Radar Festival, Phil Soltanoff's "LA Party" will be showing at HERE, Jan 8-10, 4 + 9 pm.
Set Designer Nick Vaughan talks about "The Lily's Revenge" Set Designer Nick Vaughan talks about Taylor Mac's 5-part epic "The Lily's Revenge" opening at Here Arts Center on October 29th

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