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Selnaustrasse 15 / Eingang Sihlamtsstrasse CH-8001 Zürich - click here for more events!

#mpefm - #Selnaustrasse 15 / Eingang Sihlamtsstrasse CH-8001 Zürich
1000 Miglia 2010 Reggio Emilia The Mille Miglia. From Brescia to Rome, living the dream, awakening the hearts of people and places. Without stopping ever.
A unique traveling museum of historic cars
Louis Vuitton presents Sudarshan Shetty Pietro Beccari, deputy vice president of Louis Vuitton, said in an official statement:
We are delighted to inaugurate the installation of Sudarshan Shettys work in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, in the heart of the city, on the occasion of ...
mpefm and Domestic Artworks showed at Ierimonti Gallery are product of different researchs, they are the story of sevral ways,
tastes, styles and messages. Each of the artists has a one's own story to tell and a personal corse,
however there's a "file ...
mpefm and Nausicaa Berbenni Entering the Ierimonti Gallery, you'll be surprised by a strong scent of candy:Temporary Smell is a sculpture
made entirely of Marshmallows. A suspended and coloured cloud, a multi sensorial installation where smell ans
sight are the key senses, but where ...
mpefm and Phoebe Washburn http://doc.mpefm.it/mpefm/demo_mail/demo.htm
Phoebe Wasburn will spent a month close in the gallery to built the piece for her first italian solo show.
Phoebe, that works studying cycles and lines of energy, will work at Ierimonti and in the mean time people ...
mpefm and Vito Acconci http://doc.mpefm.it/mpefm/demo_mail/demo.htm
The Ierimonti Gallery reconstructs an historical actions route and presents it in the first Milanese solo show by the
American artist.
From the perception of the human and body feelings, in the eighties Acconci reaches the conciousness of the ...
mpefm and Off Nibroll http://doc.mpefm.it/mpefm/demo_mail/demo.htm
Keisuke Takahashi, videomaker and Mikuni Yanaihara, coreaogrepher and dancer, are
Off Nibroll, a copule of japaneese artists that combine dance and video art, an
ambitious and uncommon project that would like to fit in the spaces of galleries and
mpefm and Koehi Nawa http://doc.mpefm.it/mpefm/demo_mail/demo.htm
Kohei Nawa uses E-Bay as source of materials. He starts his search inserting a key
word, and after establishing a visual contact with the desired object, he buys it
and he re-elaborates it with glass marbles and prisms that ...
mpefm and Motoi Yamamoto http://doc.mpefm.it/mpefm/demo_mail/demo.htm
"WHITE SALT" is the name of Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto's first Italian solo exhibition.
His work is characterized by the research and experimentation with unusual materials, like salt or glue, both techniques that he has developed through a unique ...
mpefm and Yasuhiro Suzuki http://doc.mpefm.it/mpefm/demo_mail/demo.htm
Yasuhiro Suzuki was born in 1979 in Shizuoka in Giappone, he graduated from the
Tokyo Zokei University and from 2002 he's Toshio Iwai assistant at the Research Center
for Advanced Science and Design of the Tokyo University.
In 2002 ...

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