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featuring...RC another one. although i was in the room for the first part of it.
another installment. these are now becoming my favorite thing.
and you learn about what is in my room.
what better huh?
nathalie in shirley's room. this is what she gets for coming into my room. : P
trapdoors fact 038:
"my crew is the best!"
Rilo Kiley @ UCR Under the Blacklight acoustically. sounded amazing.
trollland fact 037:
"i didn't play with barbies that much as a child, i'd much rather prefer trolls..."
mango juice fact 036
"you make delicious smoothies..."
-neil d.
"i do..."
: D
20questions i answer 20 questions and you learn 20 more facts about the natural history museum.
breaking away fact 014:
"we become silhouettes, low, breaking away, little acorn, and new years are the first 5 songs on my ipod at random on april 11, 2007..."
meruvian *the song actually sounds like that! your computer is not melting.
"i paint/draw when im stressed"
the last picture looks pretty crappy.
: (
ghostbusters my little sisters video project that i edited.
it's pretty cool.
ummmm...i think she got a good grade on it.
: P
special effects fact0012:
"i'm not one to take lazy days at the park..."
"...i did today."
ikea run "i have a little sister named nathalie..."
"words can't describe how much i love her..."
getty beach. fact 010:
"i feel free fun is the BEST fun..."
webcam just trying out the new webcam thing on youtube.
pretty cool.
i look like an idiot though.
and i'm talking to my friend on the phone.
i'm not talking to myself.
glasses fact009:
"i wear glasses. cause i'm blind..."
music: from my friend zack
ninja face. fact 008:
"sometimes i put turtle necks on, and make funny faces at a camera..."
"i think it's cool..."
the rain fact 007:
"i love the rain the most..."
: )
showers fact 005 & 006
"i prefer showers..."
"i take showers with steaming hot water..."
snooze button fact 004:
"i press the snooze button on my 5:00 am wakeup call at least once a morning..."
piggy banks fact 003:
"i keep my spare change in a piggy bank next to my bed..."
100 hours of video fact 002:
"i secretly take hundreds of hours of video footage..."
"i was also secretly in love with him. he'll just never know. : ("
taking the long way home numbered facts about me.
"i take the long way home to see the trees that change colors..."

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