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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Part 2: Case Studies Español (Spanish) Spanish Language Spoken Version
Every employer in New York State is required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training. The training must be interactive, meaning it requires some level of feedback by those being trained.
This video alone is ...
Governor Cuomo Signs Equal Pay Legislation In New York, we are committed to closing the gender pay gap. That's why Governor Andrew Cuomo signed critical legislation that will strengthen equal pay protections throughout the state and ban questions on salary history.
Find the Tag: How To Know an Amusement Ride is Safe in NYS There’s a lot of work that goes into make sure that New Yorkers can have fun safely at the Great New York State Fair!
Saratoga in Season – DOL Protecting Backstretch Workers When Saratoga Race Course is in session, it means a lot to the local and state economy – but it also means that DOL’s Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs (DIPA) is working hard to address the needs, issues and ...
USWNT Leads the Fight for Equal Pay ⚽ The 2019 World Cup was more than just an incredible victory for our U.S. Soccer Women's National Team on the world’s biggest stage. It was a call to action, a battle cry: Equal Pay Now.
In New York, we are ...
New York State Apprenticeship Summit 2019 The Department of Labor hosted the inaugural New York State Apprenticeship Summit. Every region of the state was represented, with attendees from schools and colleges, businesses and business organization, economic organizations, government and more.
Registered Apprenticeship in New York State New York State now has 830 registered apprenticeship programs, with over 40% in emerging fields like IT, healthcare and advanced manufacturing. Check out why it's a great choice for sponsors and apprentices, alike. Find out more: labor.ny.gov/apprenticeship
NYS Labor Stands with FDNY Firefighters and Fire Officers Commissioner Reardon attended the FDNY Firefighters and Fire Officers rally in Albany, on behalf of Governor Cuomo calling on the Senate and House of Representatives to immediately – and permanently – increase funding for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.
How New York Keeps Amusement Rides Safe The sun’s out and summer is right around the corner. That means amusement parks, fairs and adventure parks are opening soon. Our team of inspectors are busy inspecting every ride, zip line and attraction so that New Yorkers can ride ...

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