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Office Hours: Adam Kashmiry and Jennifer Cayer on "Adam" Adam Kashmiry (star of National Theatre of Scotland's "Adam") & Jennifer Cayer (NYU professor) talk about making art from lived experience.
More on "Adam" @ NYU Skirball: https://nyuskirball.org/events/national-theatre-scotland-adam/
Nerd out with the Prep School guide: https://nyuskirball.org/performance-matters/studies/prepschool-adam/
#NationalTheatreofScotland #adam #NYU
Office Hours: John Collins and Rinne Groff on "Gatz" John Collins (artistic director, Elevator Repair Service) & Rinne Groff (NYU professor, founding member of ERS) talk through the company's origin, the joke behind the name, and years and years of "Gatz."
More on "Gatz" at NYU Skirball: https://nyuskirball.org/performance-matters/studies/prepschool-gatz/
#ElevatorRepairService ...
Office Hours: Kyle Abraham and Hentyle Yapp on "Live! The Realest MC" Kyle Abraham (Artistic Director of A.I.M) and Hentyle Yapp (NYU professor) talk the origins of "Live! The Realest MC", being on the outside, and returning to dance.
More Information on "Live! The Realest MC" at NYU Skirball: https://nyuskirball.org/events/m-kyle-abraham-live-realest-mc/
#dance #KyleAbraham ...
Office Hours: Stephen Petronio and Roger Copeland on "Bloodlines" Stephen Petronio (Artistic Director of Stephen Petronio Dance Company) and Roger Copeland (Oberlin College professor) swap stories on improvisation, Judson Church, and the future.
More Information on "Bloodlines" at NYU Skirball: https://nyuskirball.org/events/stephen-petronio/
#dance #StephenPetronio #JudsonChurch
Office Hours: Antoine Carabinier and Cecil MacKinnon on "Barbu" Antoine Carabinier (Co-founder of Cirque Alfonse) and Cecil MacKinnon (NYU professor, theater director of Circus Flora) talk family dynamics, the history of Cirque Alfonse, and government funding for the arts.
More on "Barbu" at NYU Skirball: https://nyuskirball.org/events/cirque-alfonse/
#circus #family #beards
Office Hours: Busty Beatz, Lisa Fa'alafi, and Jehan Roberson on "Hot Brown Honey" Busty Beatz (Musical Director, Hot Brown Honey) , Lisa Fa'alafi (Director, Hot Brown Honey) and Jehan Roberson (Collections Specialist, The Hemispheric Institute) talk about "Hot Brown Honey," representation, global performance, feminism, and race. Don't touch their hair! Seriously.
More on ...
Office Hours: Hendrik Van Doorn, Kristof Blom, and Debra Levine on "Five Easy Pieces" Hendrik Van Doorn (performer, "Five Easy Pieces"), Kristof Blom (Artistic Director of CAMPO, Ghent), and Debra Levine (Director of Undergraduate Studies & Lecturer on Theater, Dance & Media at Harvard University) talk about CAMPO & Milo Rau's "Five Easy Pieces."
NYU One Day — March 28, 2019 Help support NYU Skirball's programs and its mission of cultivating new sophisticated young adult audiences for the future of live performance. Visit nyuskirball.org/support to give a gift today.

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