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Discovering the Past Through Dino Poop Please support our videos http://www.patreon.com/scifri
Although the praire outside of Choteau, Montana is best known as the fossil quarry that provided definitive paleontological insights into the parenting habits of dinosaurs, it’s also the perfect place to hunt less famous fossilized ...
Raccoons: Tricky Trash Pandas or Misunderstood Masterminds? Please Support Our Video Productions: http://www.patreon.com/scifri
With their probing paws and destructive behavior, the raccoon has gained a reputation as a garbage bandit, capable of finding a meal in any urban landscape. Yet despite their proximity to our homes and ...
Got Your Cat Tongue? By studying tiger and cat tongues, Alexis Noel of Georgia Institute of Technology has discovered some surprising uses for their infamously raspy licking apparatuses. Noel research has demonstrated that not only do their tongues tenderize meat, but the conical and ...
For the Love of Lichen In his home in rural Montana, photographer and biologist Tim Wheeler (http://timwheelerphotography.com ) has lined the walls of his living room with shelf after shelf of lichen specimens. He has gathered these samples from his journeys and he meticulous curates ...

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