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Making Things! with Sara Varon Watch graphic novelist/illustrator Sara Varon in this fun video showing you how to create your own characters. To help you along, check out her character worksheet in Making Things!
Draw Along with Jose Fragoso Watch Jose Fragoso in the first episode of his series of short videos Everything About Drawing But Drawing.
Author and Illustrator, Jose Fragoso teaches some tips that can help you become a better illustrator... but he won’t teach you how ...
Midtown East Partnership Interview Anelle Miller, Executive Director and Lindsay Nichols, Marketing and Business Development Manager speak with Rob Byrnes, President of East Midtown Partnership about the Society of Illustrators and SI At Your Service.
Since 2002, the East Midtown Partnership has worked to ...
Story Time with Monica Wellington Have fun listening to Monica and take a trip to Paris to meet Suzette, the crêpe maker and her artistic customers in her book, Crêpes by Suzette.
Story Time with Jose Fragoso Watch Jose's special book reading, I Will Be Patient, a children’s book he created to explain covid-19 to kids and their part in all this and to thank the people working during our confinement.
SIKids! with Harper Hangouts Listen to Selina read her latest beautiful picture book - Joni, The Lyrical Life of Joni Mitchell.
Draw Along with Jamison Odone Follow along as Jamison draws Vincent Van Gogh from his latest book The Man in the Painter’s Room.
Starting a Career in Illustration Listen to moderator Jonathan Bartlett and panelists Dave Curtis, Christina Chung and Jeremy Leung as they offer a range of perspectives on this journey and provide an opportunity for a frank conversation about fears, goals, and the reality of actually ...
Flipbook Demo with Annelise Capossela Bring your illustrations to life with this simple flipbook demo created by award-winning illustrator Annelise Capossela!
Annelise Capossela is an award-winning illustrator living and working in New York City. She received her BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design ...
Story Time - Everywhere, Wonder by Robbi & Matthew This video features a reading of the picture book Everywhere, Wonder followed by an activity that lets kids download a companion workbook they can use to note observations, create accompanying illustrations, and “publish” their own book.
Everywhere, Wonder is the ...

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