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Camera Bag Hack - saving space Save space in your camera bag by turning the hood upside down on every lens.
For more photo tips by NYC Photo visit: http://newyorkcityphotosafari.com/blog.html
NYC Photo Safari Professional Photographers An introduction to some of our workshop/tour guides. You can read their bios and accomplishments here:
NYC Photo Safari workshops/tours are for everyone with an interest in photographing New York City at it's best. Join us and let us ...
NYC Photo Safari Tours & Workshops NYC Photo Safari offers hands on photography tours and workshops to help everyone learn how to take better photos.
For more information on how to join a New York City Photo Safari to register for a session please visit: https://newyorkcityphotosafari.com/photo-safari-summary.html
Should you Over or Under Expose a Photograph Examples and explanation of why you should over or under expose your photograph. And the results.
For more photography tips please visit: https://newyorkcityphotosafari.com/blog/photo-tips.html
NYC Photo Safari - Manhattan Photo Bootcamp (Fall) Join NYC Photo Safari for a three day intensive Photography Workshop. Learn to photograph in all kinds of different environments and the most important iconic landmarks of New York City. https://newyorkcityphotosafari.com/grand-central-photo-safari.html

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