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Behind the Scenes with Creative Director of Genius, Food52: Kristen Miglore We caught up with Food52's Kristen Miglore to talk about our Plated x Food52 collaboration, her 'Genius Desserts' cookbook and so much more.
Introducing Our Latest Collaboration: Plated x Food52 Together, we’re bringing a collection of eight (yes, eight!) Food52 recipes to the Plated menu, adapted to the Plated style you know and love, and paired with gorgeous tabletop and decor curated from Food52’s Shop. Four dinners and four desserts ...
Chef's Counter: Homemade Bagels and Lox Chef Shanna shows us how to make homemade bagels and lox, inspired by her family's many visits to New York City.
Chop Shop: Quick Pickled Carrots A little spice makes everything nice with these quick pickled veggies that add a real burst of flavor to any meal.
Chop Shop: Green Goddess Dressing While we love drizzling this dressing over a classic salad, you'll honestly want to add it to every meal you make after one taste.
Chop Shop:Cut Corn off the Cob Your go-to corn side dish doesn't need to be frozen! See how safely slicing the kernels right off the cob can make your meal fresher than ever.
Chop Shop: Spicy Chimichurri Spice up your week with this zingy Argentinian condiment made with cilantro, vinegar and garlic and a whole lot of love.
Chop Shop: Béchamel Sauce Learn how to make this traditional French sauce right at home—no trip to Paris necessary.
ASMR Food Compilation Anyone who has spent time in the kitchen may realize that there are a ton of triggers for ASMR that crackle, crunch, and pop in the various stages of cooking...
Chef's Counter: Pork Carnitas Tacos Chef Liz shares her expertise on making the most incredible pork carnitas tacos from scratch, including multiple chile salsas and freshly pressed tortillas. You'll want every night to be taco night.

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