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Two Neuroscientists Visit a Psychic Convention Neuroscientists Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen Macknik are surprised by what they learn when they investigate deception at a psychic convention.
Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen Macknik are award-winning neuroscientists and professors at the State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center. ...
The Story Collider: Why the Human Stories Behind Science Matter For eight years, The Story Collider has been helping scientists and others develop and share their true, personal stories about science through its live shows and podcast. At The Story Collider's eighth anniversary celebration at Caveat in New York City, ...
How Science Almost Ruined This Comedian's Life Comedian Josh Gondelman is threatened with a lawsuit after he reviews a new sexual enhancement product.
Josh Gondelman is a writer and comedian who incubated in Boston before moving to New York City, where he currently lives and works as ...
Anna Freeman: The World Hasn't Forgotten Nurse Anna Freeman is frustrated by the limits of technology when she attempts to advise a Syrian hospital over a shaky Skype connection.
Find transcript here: https://www.storycollider.org/stories/2018/3/24/science-communication
Anna Freeman is a nurse and quality improvement specialist at Médecins Sans Frontières ...
Judith Stone: A Very Delicate Situation Science journalist Judith Stone worries about causing conflict when she writes about cultural differences aboard the International Space Station.
Find transcript here: https://www.storycollider.org/stories/2018/3/24/science-communication
Judith Stone is the author of Light Elements: Essays on Science from Gravity to Levity, a collection ...
Nancy Parmalee: Keys to a new life Single mother and aspiring scientist Nancy Parmalee takes the long route to her PhD.
"I just remember walking out of the grocery store and thinking, 'I am living the wrong life. There is another life out there -- surely there ...
John Rennie: Aggression A college course forces John Rennie to confront a furious rat, and himself.
A story from The Story Collider. Visit our website for our podcast and listings of our live events: storycollider.org.
John Rennie is an award-winning science writer, editor ...

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